I have done blogs bout all of my siblings but two, who just so happen to be the youngest, my youngest, sisters: ”The Girls” we all call them, Delaney and Mackenzie. Now these are the two that I nannied when they were younger so I really have a strong attachment to them for that reason. But ALSO, they both understand me near perfectly, so like I do with anyone like that, I gravitate toward them. 

Now, a story:  Just the other night, I needed some Vaseline (I sleep with it on) and yelled,  “Girls!” and no one came. So I started thinking, what if something were REALLY wrong? So then, again only louder, I yelled “Delaney, Mackenzie, girls!!” That did it, they both appeared.

”Yes, Juli?”

”Oh, I just needed some Vaseline…” now, I just HATE to do this, because they really are like, best friends. BUT for the sake of blogging-I will.

Alright-first I’ll do Mackenzie: first of all, shes extremely skinny, but in a cute way we all kind of make a joke out of it. And this tory cracks me up ALL THE TIME (HA! I was just remembering and it just did.  In fact, everyone said “what’s wrong with you?”) One time me, my mom, and the girls (see!) Delaney and Mackenzie were making cake-pops and there was a plate of sprinkles. I kept licking my fingers and sticking them back on. They were, oh...EVERYWHERE! Then at one point, poor little Mackenzie got frustrated and yelled "I cant do this anymore with Juli AND the sprinkles!"

Along with being extremely skinny, she’s extremely smart. I believe…last year…she had straight A’s all year. She’s ALWAYS saying things that make me surprised at how old/young she is. Ok now, another story: one time, (swear to GOD now, its just a LITTLE bit unbelievable) when ALSO-now I think his is really creative and thoughtful. She got me a whistle to get people’s attention, and oh gosh, when I blow it, shes like “people, she’s blowing her whistle!” Thanks Kenz. She’s really like the queen of gifts. This one time, I said I liked her chapstick, so she got me some with her own money! And since she is only 11 that is rare.

When Mackenzie was a baby (and that would mean I was her nanny) I asked my mom if I could HAVE her.  I said “you can like pay for everything, and see her whenever you want, but everything else Ill do. But don’t answer me for 2 days so you have time to really think about it. ” She said” I’ll answer you right now: “NO!  Are you crazy?!”   

Now…Delaney. While Mackenzie may be a future wild child (almost fingers crossed) Delaney is quite the opposite and very quiet but that just makes her more interesting. Alright-I know I always talk about how nice this one is and that’s true (an example would be, if you were to ask her for a favor, she would NEVER say no) But shes ALSO an EXCELLENT singer and actress. Ill prove it—Im gonna put a video on here.  Now since I just KNOW you’re DESPERATE to know about ALL of my siblings and Ive already told you about the rest, I’ll get on with it. Well along with being quiet, DELANEY is very eccentric and does kinda weird things sometimes. Like this one time on Christmas Eve, my whole family was opening presents and she YELLED (really loud)” Juli, I love you!!” Ummm…I love you too really loud? 

In addition to being kind of quirky, she is REALLY pretty. Now, I happen to think my whole family is attractive, but she’s lucky, because she looks the most like my mom (in my opinion the most attractive) and ONE TIME (sorry Delaney, I know it was only once) she did my hair for this event and I got SO many compliments, I just HAD to ask her again! She may have a future in that! I know shes my future!       

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As MANY of you know (about 75,000 views on that one video THANK YOU), I recently went to Texas with my mom for a couple weeks to go to the Carrick Brain Center. BEING a creature of habit, I was grateful that we did PRETTY MUCH the same thing every day. It was: we would wake up (welp, she would wake me up-not sure how she got up)T HEN the two of us would clean up, and head to breakfast in the lobby. My mom would make our coffee then go get me a bowl of fruit first thing and I looked forward to it and thought it was so special.  Now this place wasn’t even kidding! They even had Texas shaped waffles! Really Good ones. I had one every day! And the end of breakfast just so happened to coincide with the start of my therapyL

We took the hotel shuttle over to Carrick and always had the same driver, Darrien, and he was really cool. He’s a musician/artist.  Check out his page. But really, every morning we would see him at breakfast and he would should “Chi-town!” Sure do miss him…but would I go back? NO thanks!

Let me tell you about some of the other people we met and what they did.  First is Ryan.  He did my testing when I first got there and for the next few days I kept thinking he was the doctor and the doctor was Ryan.  It was funny to them, confusing to me.  One time the doctor was right in front of my face and I said, “Now YOU are Ryan, right?” and I pointed at him. I can’t believe I was wrong. They thought it was funny and I was crazy because they didn’t look alike at all.  They kept saying, “but the doctor is so much taller.”  Duh, I am sitting in a chair so everyone looks “Taller”!

Then there is Kendra.  She was my therapist and did most of the torture on me.  Just kidding, she was really nice, the torture was the doctors fault!  She would put the stimulation device on my tongue, my face, my hand and I actually liked it on my hand.  When I said it hurt on this one spot on my face, she asked the doctor for a different device which was much better.  (The idea was to stimulate the activity in those places that are not behaving as well as they should).  Kendra would also put me in the Rebuilder.  That was like a spa bath for my feet with electrolytes and stimulation.  I am not sure what the purpose was and I thought it was POINTLESS! Every ONCE IN A WHILE she would make a deal with me to not do it or she would give me coffee while I was in the rebuilder.  And you all know how much I enjoy coffee! I also had to do some eye “exercises” which included following a dot or staring at a dot or following moving lines.  They said that it would help with my balance.  I don’t know how but I do know that everyone says my balance has improved so “Yeah DOTS!” The other thing Kendra did was put me in the dreaded… dun dun dunnnnn…OVARD!  I was so scared the first time but that was nothing compared to what it was near the end!  It was a pod that they strapped me into really tightly and I spun around while staring ahead at another DOT.  It gradually got faster and then in the last few days it also flipped me backwards!  WHY??!!! They said it was also for my balance so maybe. The first time I went upside down it made me sick to my stomach and I wanted to throw up.  For the rest of the night, I didn’t feel right.  They said that is normal.  But then usually after the OVARD I was done for the session.  Oh by the way, there were three sessions of all of that each day! They also said I would be tired and boy were they right!  We got back to the hotel, had dinner and I barely kept my eyes open long enough to read my Facebook messages when I wanted to go to bed!

Last is Dr. Jake Shores.  He would come in every day for a few minutes and check on me and then of course we would meet with him for a longer appointment every once in a while.  One time, I got really mad at him!  You see, he asked me if he could give me a ‘bear hug’ which seems innocent enough and I of course said, “Yes” and THEN HE CRACKED MY BACK and I HATE THAT!!!  Anyone who knows me, knows that!  I don’t think I ever forgave him for that!  I mentioned it everytime I saw him.  He said he was trying to make it easier for me to breathe blah blah blah although I admit it worked, DON’T DO IT AGAIN!!  He sent me home with homework, instructions, ideas and a whole lot of ways to make sure I never have to go back again!  Now, I just have to make sure I do it all.  My mom is worried because its not just me but my assistants have to help too so everyone has to be involved.

Something ELSE about the trip was all of the 1 on 1 time with my mom! There were none of those “other people” yelling “mom! mom!” It was great that she didn’t have to go to work, or clean the house SOOOO she was less busy and more relaxed. I bet all that made her just a little nicer to me during this trip, even though us two alone for 2 weeks did lead to some arguments...

Overall, I feel like I LOVED spending so much time with my mom alone, but I couldn’t be happier to be home. Watch the video and tell me what you think.



So I wanna do the “all about me” (grrrr!!) blog over for a couple reasons. One-the likes and dislikes need to be redone. AND, I wanted it to have a different title! An autobiography! That’s better! Alright, I’ll start with the likes and dislikes. They’d PRETTY MUCH be the same, but, I love fruit and American Idol and since I’m mentioning a TV show I might as well mention my FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME-FRIENDS. Like, I own all ten seasons and have watched them a COUPLE times. And by couple, I mean, not a couple. Also…I LOVE glitter. I’m actually (and feel free to spread this around) called “the glitter queen” by my painting instructor, because glitter is a MUST in my paintings. EVERY SINGLE ONE has it. And as far as dislikes, Ellyn reminded me that Miley should be on that list! And she’s totally right. one of my friends(a VERY good friend) wanted to play a joke on me where my mom told me she ate these marshmallows I put in my cereal and I said I would wake up in the middle of the night and KILL her. I also CANT STAND typing (and it’s probably really annoying, because I announce it constantly) Whats annoying to ME is when my hours on end are put down by one of ya’ll not believing this is me! I’m like “HEY! ummm, I typed all that! You see, it takes me longer to type than it did before, so to do a blog, it takes…oh, forever. So don’t mess. Funny enough-a lot of the time when I talk to my family and close friends, they say “just send me a message!”(Because We ALL know I have problems with my voice) and I’m like “I don’t want to! Then I have to type!” And, obviously, I hate when Chris is away. But I hate it MORE when the departure is all of the sudden. Nothing worse than getting woken up in the middle of the night with “Babe, I have to go” and then he’s gone. It SURE is a good thing that dogs can’t read or mine would have some kind of competition. While Miley (yuck!) is in my dislike section, I have another dog, Magic, that I LOVE!

That’s about it. I have completed the re-doing... now tell me, what are some of your likes and dislikes? Maybe there are some I forgot to add that we have in common!

Perhaps on Facebook, you’ve seen pictures like this. Well, that would be my new, pretty, caregiver Connie (or my mom says she’s more like a personal assistant) .Ok so she’s only in terms of me introducing her to you but she’s actually been with me for over a year!  Let me tell you a little about her: She’s really into music and that works out well with that guy Chris always aroundJ Like seriously she has a GREAT voice and even recorded her own songs.  The other day we were driving and listening to music and I said “don’t even TELL me that’s you”.  She just said, ”it is”


She and I also say “great minds think alike” a lot because we think we both have great minds and we ALSO bot think alike a LOT of the time, like an odd amount of time.  Speaking of time, one time she went on vacation all the way to LA with Chris! They drove there…I’m jealous:/

AND she’s SUPER nice. Whenever she says “No” about something, she’ll appear 5 minutes later and be like, ”well OK….I thought about it, and…” .  I just tell her she’s a pushover, so whatever. Another thing she did that I thought was really cool/considerate of her is that when we were talking on Facebook before we met, she asked me if there was anything specific I was picky about….ummm…nothing specific just EVERYTHING! Now that I’m sure I’ve gotten you to like her too-she’s moving to New York at the end of MayL

So after the last blog, in my comments someone suggested I write a blog about myself, welp, all my blogs ARE about people and I’m a person, so it works out. Thank you Amanda for the idea!

Alright: I REALLY like to eat. Probably more than I should. I once told my sister she could just call me “food” and one of my caretakers said I should NEVER talk with my mouth full… just one problem… MY MOUTH IS ALWAYS FULL!

I’m also referred to as “requesty” (a term coined by my MOTHER, thank you very much). And that means that I request things too often, but I SAY I just have a lot going on.

I’m basically OBSESSED with my soul mate, Chris Medina. We met when I was 16 and he was 19. Pretty much dated right away and then got an apartment together a few years later. And THEN a few years after THAT, I headed into what I consider the best years of my life. Where we rented a house that different people moved in and out of. Ever since I’ve known Chris he’s been EXTREMELY accepting of other people (so am I, so that’s a good match) So that’s great cause there’s always tons of people in and out of my mom’s house and we spend a lot of time there now. And THEN a few years after that (not to give you a life story here) we got engaged and YOU all know he story from there…the audition for American idol (urged on by moi, thank you very much!) Now he’s ALWAYS been really into music, like in bands (we actually MET at a show of his) but when we lived together he even had his own recording studio and he spent ALL his free time there, I loved how passionate he was about it. Like when we moved to the house and he said he wanted a studio-- there was no question. I thought he NEEDED it and between shows and band practice, he was CONSTANTLY practicing his different instruments. Which, I’m not sure if you knew this, but that includes the piano. He sounds positively DREAMY when he sings with it... He does put everything he has into his music….now if only I could get that perfect guy to marry me…

Let’s see…what else…oh! I know! I joke around about being the facebook queen and say that I’m on the computer 24/7, but if you know me, you’ll know that’s TOTALLY true. I mean it, right after breakfast that is the FIRST thing I do until I’m fighting to stay awake at the computer at night. Each of the people that take care of me, and both of my parents, and Chris, give me PLENTY of time on the computer.

To finish things up, here’s a list of my likes and dislikes:

Likes: COFFEE, throwing parties and the building up to them, and anything related. Frozen coffee beverages, cats, especially kittens! So going to my dad’s house is great (its full of them)

Now… dislikes: The color purple (it’s annoying, EXCEPT in Adam and Michelle’s wedding! Turkey, the words corny and cheesy, card games, and sports games

Okay! I really hope I didn’t bore you with myself! I guess I’m not as interesting as some may have thought but do you have any questions about me? Let’s just see if you can come up with something I haven’t heard or thought of!

Here is even more proof that EVERYONE in my life is great. (And, even more proof that all of my blogs are about people). This one isn’t about Chris-- Chris, Chris, Chris. It’s not even about one of my siblings, but, it IS about the relationships they are in, and those are people I see a lot... So I better be careful because they all read my blog and have Facebooks! Alright, I’m ready to be nice (even though with these people, being nice is so darn easy).

 Here I go:

Dylan & Charlene (His girlfriend and now she’s his fiancé):

Now you just couldn’t meet a nicer girl and she SURE does love my brother. It’s kind of gross how much they love each other.Oh yeah-- did I mention she lived here for almost 6 months! I know her pretty well. I think I have it bad with not seeing Chris for months at a time, but these two had to deal with finding out they won’t see each other for a WHOLE YEAR! These two love birds basically never see each other because she lives in oh…. SOUTH AFRICA! Charlene is also really pretty (she’s a former model) and has a GREAT accent  because of the South African thing. Geez, sounds like she should be MY girlfriend!

Adam & Michelle (His girlfriend since high school, who is now his wife):

 Michelle is just the best. I mean, we’ve REALLY gotten to know her over the years.  She’s part of the family and now she works with my mom, so THEY’RE really close. And, OH YEAH-- a LONG time ago, she and Adam lived in the same apartment complex as Chris and I! Which was great cause us two could do girl things while they did…boy things (ahem, video games.) It was definitely nice to have another girl around sometimes!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, Cheyenne & Steve (a kind of new boyfriend):

I’m about to talk a LOT about this guy’s cooking, because it’s um…EXCELLENT! And, he does it a lot. So now I associate him with it. Let me tell you a story: This one time, I had my dinner sitting in front of me, and Cheye said, “Do you wanna try some of Steve’s mashed potatoes? I had one bite of these, EXPERT, mashed potatoes and pushed my own dinner aside and said “Cheye, all I can think about are those mashed potatoes”…while I have your attention (because what are you going to do, get up and walk away?) I wanna tell you another story: this one time, I really wanted some Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and I asked Cheye, and she said “NO.” THEN, a couple hours later, I still wanted it... so I said “Cheye, that’s it, I’m going straight to Steve, and I’m gonna MAKE him say yes. Then I said “Steve…Cheye said no and I really want some Dunkin Donuts coffee…” and he said “for you Juli, ANYTHING!”  Then, he not only got me coffee, he PAID for it! That was REALLY nice! And, speaking of coffee (now shhhh, don’t tell Cheye) every so often, he’s snuck me the exact drink that I like! In fact, he is just really nice.

This might not seem like a big deal, but, all of these people can understand my speech, and it’s nice to have people to communicate with! It looks like all my brothers and sisters are just as good at picking mates as I am!! We are one (definitely) big happy family. J

I always write my blogs about people! Mainly my siblings… probably because I’m lucky enough to have THEM (and not some stranger) take care of me. Adam, Dylan, and now Cheyenne (or Cheye to those who know her) Let me tell you a little about her: she is a spitfire FOR SURE. As long as I’ve known her (which is, ummm, hello, her whole life) She’s had a HUGE attitude and she’s REALLY cool. Like it’s an automatic no if you say pretty please. At least I think that makes her cool among other things. Does that make sense? Like when she lived in LA for  couple years, not only was it much quieter (I always say she  doesn’t know how to talk… only yell) and I’m not sure if it’s because we’re really close in age or what but we have SO much in common. She’s really one of my best friends J AND now I know SHE wouldn’t find this noteworthy, but I sure do! Everything she cooks is GREAT! ANYWAY, since we like the same things, she DEFINITELY knows what I like and is ALWAYS giving me little surprises and treats. So that helps our relationship. At least it makes me like her more or, sorry, “love” her more. And I KNOW I’ve talked about how pretty I think she is, but she’s also EXTREMELY smart! Now tell me-are you close enough to any of your siblings that you could trust them to take care of you if (god forbid) something were to happen to you?

Ever since we were little, I’ve kinda taken charge of my “little” brother, Adam.  And now…next weekend in fact…HES GETTING MARRIED!  Man, how time flies… I remember acting out the ‘Wizard of Oz’ with him over and over again.  We literally knew every word.  (Hello- future Wicked lover right here).  The two of us were always really close.  He just couldn’t get away from me, or wouldn’t.  But I didn’t mind.  My mom said right when she brought him home from the hospital I treated him like MY baby.  And he was a BIG BABY: 10 pounds 4 ounces!  Now I know Adam is my LITTLE brother, but he wasn’t little when he was born and he isn’t exactly little now…definitely not littler than me (I’m kinda short and he’s definitely tall).

Shortly after Chris and I got an apartment together, Adam moved out and got the apartment with HIS girlfriend RIGHT below ours! That girlfriend is the same girl he’s marrying next weekend, Michelle Young.  So, yeah, she’s been around for a while.  I remember that sometimes when Adam would come to our apartment, he wouldn’t use the stairs like a normal person.  NO, instead he would climb UP his balcony onto ours and into our apartment.  It was crazy at first but also came in handy a few times.  We lived there for two years and then after that, we said,  ”SCREW apartments” and Chris and I rented a house.  And of course, Adam was more than welcome to move in with us. I think my other siblings may have even been a little jealous or hoped when they got older, they would live with us too in our house.  It was so awesome. DEFINITELY, the best time of my life so far.

I heard that after my accident since Chris was at the hospital the whole time, Adam got really depressed being in our house alone.  Eventually he decided to move out because he couldn’t stay there anymore with all my stuff still there.  AwwwwL Sorry Adam.  But its ok because NOW he is my personal assistant…sometimes.  (Come to think of it, he pretty much always HAS been hahaha!!)  But now he MAKES me go to the gym so I call him the ‘Exercise King’.  Of course I hate going to the gym but at the same time, I know it’s for my own good so I SHOULD thank him….hmmm…maybe someday ;)  

Since I won’t be making any speeches at the wedding, I wanted to write this blog about him instead to tell him: “I love you Adam, I guess since you were born.  And now and I’m SO glad you are marrying Michelle.  She will make sure you don’t do TOO many crazy things AND I will have beautiful nieces and nephews so GET STARTED!  After your August 31st wedding though when I get to be a bridesmaid, and Chris is a groomsman!”

The rest of you…look for pictures!!    
So I’ve been thinking a little about the “perfect world” and HOPEFULLY the future.

It would be a place where there’s no war, but everyone is truly happy. Even if it to become happy we needed help.  For example, the chances of marijuana being legal in the future are really good!  No Im not a drug addict BUT it has been proven to help many things, including a brain injury.  When something helps me it makes me happy!!

 And picture this: balloons EVERYWHERE.  Like people just let them loose all the time! Now I really want people to think about this like me, because I want it to happen and think it can.  Ok, not just “random no reason for them” balloons but what if…we put money in them!? No, Really!  Say you have an extra ten bucks… put it in a balloon!   Its extra to you but to the person that FINDS a balloon with ten bucks, the money is cool but the finding it is COOLER!  That could make someone’s day! Then say, about 2 out of every 20 balloons have MORE money in them.

Now this idea may be stretching it but I SAY, enough of this presidency in our country!! Let’s instead have kings and queens! That’s WAY cooler!!  All of this stuff is within or control even if its strange.  I say we just DO all this stuff or at least SOME stuff to make our world closer to perfect. I mean, it’s for us, right? I think we just can. (At least the balloon thing.) WE GOT THIS. We really can do it!

But tell me, would YOU want to live in my “perfect world”?

I’m not sure what you’ll think about this but unfortunately… Chris and I broke up a few months agoL.  Almost three actually, even though it feels like forever ago. You might be surprised, I dont know but one reason we didn’t make it public is because we needed to figure this out for ourselves before we listened to what everyone ELSE thinks about it.

Now, I don’t wanna sound…I don’t know-conceited, but we were feeling the impact of fame more than ever before on our relationship. I’m scared that people won’t really understand and be kinda mad because they had such high hopes for us. Well, so did I!  I mean, I had thought we would get married too (like all engaged couples DO, CHRIS), HAVE KIDS, and live happily ever after. I still want all of that-REALLY BAD! Its just not how things are now.

But heres the thing: Even though we are technically “broken up “nothing about our relationship seems different. I guess its kinda confusing because we still kiss and hug and go out to eat and spend a lot of time talking on Facebook.  And when hes home we spend a lot of time together.  See?  Not much different!  Now I HATE(despise,really) that he comes and goes because of work (Im sure you’ve all seen my “countdowns “on Facebook), but that was the same when we WERE engaged because…hey, I want that music recorded as much as anybody! And even though we’re “broken up”, he still takes me out and everything. And I just really do want him to be happy. You all know I think he’s a good guy and he really is my soul-mate (a title we upgraded to from ‘best-friends’). 

But, I also, personally, want him to just be happy again and move beyond the situation that HE didn’t even cause.  I love him and our relationship so if this is what soul mates feels like, I am good! If he needs more, even though I AM classically jealous and I’m not sure how I’ll handle THAT I can still love him and he can still love me.

So don’t be mad, or disappointed, or whatever you might be that is bad because there isn’t just married or not married and this sucks for everyone but not because its bad but just because it isn’t what we planned.  So what?  Its what we have. There is not just ONE kind of love.  I have friends in same sex marriages and their love is not any less LOVE.  Neither is our “not getting married-soul mates forever love”.

I mean, we might even change our minds again one day. AND I SURE wouldn’t hesitate to go back to that with him because he is SUCH a GREAT guy. He really treats me fantastic. But Im sure any regular blog readers know THAT.

I love you Chris, the same as always even if it has a different name.

The question for YOU is...dun dun duhhhhh…are you still interested in us?